Monday, December 08, 2008

bobcats in suburbia

Me giving a talk on the Galapagos and evolution.

My latest article is out on bobcats! It's the cover story in this month's Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. Cat of All Trades: Bobcats are adapting to life in suburbia, where they mostly eat rats and squirrels - not cats and dogs.

I gave my talk to Sam's school on the Galapagos Islands this morning. I showed photos from all the islands I visited, and I talked briefly about Charles Darwin's observations of finches and giant tortoises, his theory of natural selection, the overwhelming evidence for evolution from fields such as geology, molecular biology and genetics, and how many Christian denominations have made peace with evolution (including the Episcopal, Presbyterian, ELCA Lutheran, Methodist and Catholic churches). It's challenging to give a talk to kids ranging from Pre-K to Middle School, but I managed!


Anonymous said...

We get that magazine. My husband and I love it. It is so cool to know an author and really super cool that you made the cover!! Way to go girl!!


Unknown said...

Cool! I write for them all the time, my name is even on the masthead as a "contributing writer" :) I wrote the piece on cougars that was on the cover a couple months back, and the Dead Zone article in July's Gulf of Mexico issue and lots more! Have you read any of those? :)