Friday, December 26, 2008

Free Hugs!

“Through life’s trials and hardships
we arise beautiful and free.”
— Julia Butterfly Hill

Who could resist giving a hug to him??? :)

For Christmas I finally got to do the FREE HUGS campaign I've wanted to do for a while now! Check out for the story about how Juan Mann changed the world... and started an international free hugs movement! (And I've embedded the Youtube video at the end of the pics) He was even on Oprah! We had a blast! Me, Doug, Georgia and her kids did this at the Starbucks in Kingwood :) Got lots of hugs! Before that, we ate breakfast in the morning at IHOP and a total stranger paid for our meal and then so when Doug went to pay the waitress said a stranger had paid for it! Just a random act of kindness! I paid it forward by giving my Starbucks card with about $30 on it to pay for several customers drinks as they came in, while we were outside giving Free Hugs!

Making the signs at my house, getting ready to go.
Georgia Doug and her daughter Madelyn giving free hugs at Starbucks in Kingwood on Christmas day. What a great way to spend Christmas!!
Who could resist?

Me holding Madelyn. She's such a doll!
Someone giving Madelyn a hug!

Silly Doug!
Giving a hug!
Holding up the sign for all to see. Madelyn called them "customers" and whenever people would drive up she'd go "We have customers! We have customers!" :)
Big smile!

Doug got lots of hugs!
Yet another hug!
Wonder twin powers activate! LOL. We went to the park after we gave out hugs!
Madelyn and I rolling down the hill!

I could lie and say I'm really good at handstands... but this is a cartwheel. :)
This was earlier in the day holding my abominable snowman!


Anonymous said...

How did you even meet him?

Unknown said...

He was driving the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile (he's an Oscar Mayer Wiener representative) and they were doing a charity drive called Wieners for You. He was handing out hot dogs and I said to him, My that's a mighty big wiener you have! The rest is history... love at first sight.

jess said...

Does Doug happen to have a twin brother? Who's single?