Monday, December 22, 2008

comedy of errors

Berries in the snow, Portland Oregon
Copyright (c) 2008 Wendee Holtcamp

This has been the ultimate comedy of errors vacation! So the main point of me coming here was to see my daddy, who I try to see once a year. Usually I don't come in winter, and I picked a fine winter to come to Oregon! I ended up in a once in 40 years snowfall event. The thing is, I was supposed to fly home on United on Christmas day. I took a jaunt up to Tacoma (outside Seattle, WA) to visit my cousin, and had planned on coming back to see my dad on the weekend when he was off work. But because my dad was snowed in, and because I wanted to get home early to see Doug before he went offshore, I changed my flight to the 22nd - today. Well, last night I got an automated call that my flight was cancelled...

So Annie Rose was supposed to fly home also, and I was going to catch a ride with her since her friend was driving her, and I'd stay at the airport and just try to get on a standby flight. But her flight was also cancelled! I also have a rental car that I somehow have to get back to the airport but they are requiring chains on all vehicles driving around and I'm stuck without any chains. I can pay the rental car company to pick the car up, or I can risk driving without chains. Mind you there's like a foot of snow and ice on all the roadways and I have no idea whether I could make it! I can't get a shuttle or a cab because everyone's totally in the same boat. It's just a snowed in crazy mess. So I'm just biding my time, waiting and praying for a miracle that I can get a way to the airport, get on a standby flight and get home before Doug goes offshore. This morn he got the call he may be leaving... today. Nice luck I have. :(

Snow-covered lawn...
Icy evergreen
The Hanukkah hookers transformed into the Hanukkah housewives, making potato latkes!
Rose mixing up potato latkes :) Happy Hanukkah!

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