Wednesday, December 17, 2008

winter wonderland

My trip (so far) to the Olympic peninsula and my childhood log cabin in Oregon.
Photos Copyright (c) 2008 Wendee Holtcamp

A winter wonderland scene just up the road from my dad's Oregon log cabin. Notice the 3/4 moon in the sky!
"Love at First Bite" I got this T-shirt in Forks, WA yesterday, on my road trip circumventing the Olympic peninsula on highway 101. I stopped in Forks and hung out at Forks Outfitters for coffee and to charge my cell phone and talked to a couple locals about the movie Twilight which was filmed there! Actually, the locals said it was not filmed there but it was BASED there so they faked the "Forks Outfitters" store and Sheriff's office in the movie, and filmed mostly elsewhere. But the books are based in Forks and the movie is "in Forks" but the filming took place in another locale.
My dad's log cabin, still much the same as when I grew up there!
My dad's fiance' Bev and my daddy!
This is a view inside the cabin.
These are the mega-veggies dad and Bev grew this year in their garden! Notice the massive carrots and beets!
The beach at Kalaloch, WA along the Olympic peninsula.
This is either Beach 2 or Ruby Beach... I love this photo.
Again either Ruby Beach or Beach 2... I love the driftwood.
This is the view along a lot of the road I traveled (Hwy 101) - just a breathtaking winter wonderland the whole way!!
A close up of snow in the fir trees along the road. My Christmas trees!
This is an awful shot but this is a Roosevelt Elk on the roadside on the road toward the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center, which it turns out was closed... I took a 20 mile detour down to it because it's my favorite place... it was a gorgeous wintery drive but I didn't get to anything but stop a couple times and take some pics. It was getting dark, and I saw the elk at dusk. Then I got in my car and started driving a whole herd of them ran across the road and I had to brake to avoid running into them!!
Shot of the Hoh Rainforest Valley.
Sunset at Ruby Beach.


Anonymous said...

You are always the best part of my day!
The good times along with the sad!
It's like taking a trip!
I see what you see!
I feel what you feel!
Thanks for sharing!

You're very special.
Enjoy it!

Unknown said...

aww thanks that made my day!