Sunday, December 18, 2005

woo hoo and kangaroos

So here is an update on my Best Two Weeks and Best Christmas Ever. First of all, I think it's impossible to have the kind of Queen Latifah-movie adventure unless you have an unlimited supply of money. LOL. We tried to make garlands but the string was too skinny and its really hard to string marshmallows.... Too sticky. Eww. So we gave up on that for now. We are making a puzzle and other things. I got the kids their own tree for the first time ever.

We're watching my kids' friends from school this weekend and so today we all went ice skating. It was a blast! I've been many times and my kids have been 2 or 3 times before. It was the friends' first time but they did great! I went to the middle and did spins. I don't know how really but one of my favorite things in the world is to hold out my arms and spin around and around until I'm dizzy. So I did this at the middle of the rink and then you pull our hands in and you start to go faster. And it was fun to skate and yell woo hoo! That is my favorite word I think. I love it because it's so ridiculous to be an adult and say woohoo but it is literally just the most fun thing ever. So I love to do it. We call my son and his friend Macaroni and Cheese so it was funny to go around saying hey macaroni and cheese! My daughter is in an age where she gets embarrassed by some things I do, but the younger girl is like me and so is my son so I kept asking if they wanted to jump up and down like kangaroos, so we did this going down the stairs in the mall. Secretly I think Savannah likes it - sometimes. When we got to the car, we all 5 jumped up and down like kangaroos too. It's quite fun!

After skating we went to get a DVD movie and stopped into Radio Shack to play with the totally cool RoboSapien robot. We played with it for about 20 minutes, and Oh my gosh this thing is so so cool. It costs like $200 but it talks, moves, and even dances and raps. You can train it to do cool things. But the most hilarious thing was that there is also a RoboDinosaur thing, and at one point the Dinosaur - which stands about as tall as the Robosapien's waist, ran into the robot's crotch and the robot said "Whose your daddy?" Oh my gosh, we were all DYING laughing!! I literally started rolling on the floor. Well ok, not rolling, but I did lie down on the floor I was laughing so hard! Then the robot says "I hope nobody saw that." Oh my, it was so funny. I HAVE to get one.

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