Thursday, April 06, 2006

amazon warrior woman returns!

Amazon jungle warrior woman (guerrera mujere de Amazonica!)

The Amazon jungle warrior woman has returned... just got in today, and will post more photos tomorrow. I got several great shots and had an amazing adventure! Hanging from vines, mud fights in the hot springs, swimming - and paddling - down the Alto Madre de Dios River in the Amazon basin, wildlife (monkeys, macaws, tamandua, many birds and insects and even a bushmaster - a very venomous snake), almost getting kidnapped by a cab driver in Lima, and being 'mosquito candy'.... but my heart was taken by the beautiful Yine Indian children who had such open and kind spirits.

Community-based tourism in Diamante, a tribal village of Yine Amazon Indians. I am trying my hand at painting traditional warrior images.

more to come soon...

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Anonymous said...

WOW...looks like a wondeful trip...!!!!