Friday, February 09, 2007

back from the equator!

I am back! Had a wonderful time in the Galápagos, and will put some more photos online tomorrow. Meanwhile just wanted to put this message that touched my heart from my friend Jen. I spent a couple days with her in Miami/Ft Lauderdale en route home from Ecuador and we went out on the town and had such a blast. Crazy me brought a disposable camera and Jen's awesome talking stuffed hammerhead (she is a shark biologist) and they were great tools for meeting people- ha ha!

She emailed me today and it brought tears to my eyes:
"Can't wait til our next escapade! You emit so much light from within that people are just drawn to you! I could have gone out with any one else and not spoken with a single person all night! You're just a super person with many layers to the onion! I just hope you find a man worthy!"

I told her it was just the camera and the shark :) I have decided I am definitely going out on the town more now in Houston and have some upcoming plans with the girls- woohoo!

Hammy the groovy talking hammerhead shark.

Jen and Wen! (self portrait!)

A Galápagos sea lion pup asleep on Española Island.

Marine iguanas gathering in the sun on Fernandina Island. I love their large black lips!

Leon Dormido, or Kicker Rock at sunset. We cruised around this on the first day, which has several nesting boobies and other birds.


Wendee said...

I was just wondering if you were back! Looking forward to more Galapagos stories and pics, and the time w/Jen sounded great. Welcome home!

Sus said...

Welcome back girlfriend! Did you bring me one of them adorably hugable sea lions? ;)