Wednesday, February 21, 2007

my beautiful niece!

I just spent a couple days visiting my niece in Dallas. She flew in from California with her mom, my friend Zofia. I brought Savannah with me because we hadn't seen them in a couple years. It was great to see her - she is a doll!
Kira, Savannah and I were messing around with oreos and I encouraged them to make themselves messy, much to my mom's chagrin!

Kira playing chess with Savannah
At the park.

Self-portrait of myself and Zofia, Kira's mom. We went to this Medieval Times thing in Dallas with the girls.

My best friend from high school, Kim, and I reunited! Going out on the town! OK I look like a dork in these photos but I typically hate most pictures of me and it's something I'm trying to overcome and not be so concerned about that. So here they are!


Sus said...

Got some cool pic's of the niece there. She's so beautiful. And I love that you include photos of yourself in your posts, makes me feel like I'm talking to ya!

Lisa Sullivan said...

Wendy...looks like such fun! I love catching up with old friends...and some new cyber ones... whenever I can. That's one of the best parts of being a Christian - spreading some love. :)

Oh...and you and pics...I know EXACTLY how you feel! Over the years, I have come to enjoy having my own picture taken. I used to dread it but I guess as I have gotten older, I feel I am aging well and that has been a positive factor for me, I think. Wendy, you age well so keep taking those pics!

Luv ya! :)