Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Back to the frigid Bering Sea

One of only 3,000 of the world's endangered short-tailed albatrosses - soaring across the Bering Sea. Copyright (c) 2010 Wendee Holtcamp

Boy with the weather this winter in Houston you'd think I was in the Bering Sea again... it normally freezes once or maybe twice a winter but this one has been crazy. Back and forth, up and down. It is now about 22 degrees F outside, and tomorrow it's supposed to feel like 5 with the wind chill! Then by next Tuesday it will be back to 70.

Speaking of the Bering Sea, my second article on the research expedition I spent a month on is out in BioScience's Feb 2011 issue - Rime of the Bering Sea Mariners(PDF). It's not quite online yet at the BioScience AIBS website, but I have the PDF reprinted at my website here. I thought it turned out good and I got to go in more depth and focus on some different research than in the shorter Nature piece - The Tiniest Catch - published last Oct.

In other news- life is good! Some great things happening here, which I'll reveal in future posts. I am about to head to the coast to report for the 10th annual Water issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine and visit places such as the upper Texas coast, which has the highest rates of beach and coastal wetland loss of anywhere on the Gulf Coast (close to Louisiana, which has comparable rates of loss). I will also spend some time in the Columbia bottomlands, a little-known place that has some of the south's only remaining old growth forests.

I'm starting up another session of my online writing class - recently renamed the Magazine Writing Bootcamp on Feb 26 (signup deadline Feb 19)! While originally designed to focus on environment writing, the course assignments can be tailored to any topic, and it gets consistently great feedback! Email me if you would like more info ( or check out the Bootcamp website.

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