Monday, October 31, 2005

feeling down

I struggle lately with feeling down. I seem to waver between total internal panic and faith that whatever happens I'll find a way and God will protect my spirit. Its a tough battle. I need to mourn my many losses of late. I'm feeling a bit bitter and angry to be honest. I feel like Peter who tries to walk on the water and he gets scared and starts to sink in his lack of faith. He starts out bold and then wavers.

So I've been looking for a writers escape where I can go for 2-3 weeks to focus on my book proposal. I actually have 5 books I am pondering. OK yes, it's true, as my friend said to me and I love this "multitasking will be the death of me!" However 2 books would be repubs of already written material and 2 are partly written and I just need to focus and finish. One project involves publishing parts of my blog and recrafting them into essays.

Savannah cracks me up - in the movie when Zorro and his wife were kissing she was like "they are practically eating each others' jaws!" roflol. Reflections through the mind of a child! I laughed so hard when she said this. Well I'm going to sleep now. night.


Wendee said...

If only there were, well, I know there are probably places where wandering and weary souls could get together and write, draw, rest, restore and revive, be alone, and yet be encouraged by company, at the same time. Whether we can be there to support each other (there's appeal to that thought), or just sending positive thoughts out, or reading blogs or email, I hope that you find the space and time to gather your thoughts and help them take shape!
- wendee in l.a.

David said...

Hope you get to feeling better!!