Sunday, October 23, 2005

tsunamis, dreams, and the parting of the red sea

(I wrote this 10/22 in the town of Mason, TX).

I awoke from another tsunami dream. I rarely remember my dreams, but this morning I had two - one was that I could not fit everything into my suitcase - gotta laugh at that (for both its literal and figurative meaning). In the 2nd one - I was at a beautiful pool in some sort of class being taught outdoors. Daline was there too and I said let's go somewhere beautiful and get away - let's just fly off in the morning (gotta love that spontaneity) and we were going to do it, but then it started raining and then right before I awoke I'd went into a building for a few minutes then came out and it was pouring rain and I looked to where all the students were sitting at the table overlooking the ocean and a HUGE wall/wave of water was heading toward us.

You know I have to wonder if the Red Sea parting wasn't a tsunami. I believe that most of the miracles in the bible have natural explanations. I still believe God was involved and it was a true miracle. But He always leaves a natural explanation so that thoe of little faith can explain it away. But the power in God's truths is that a natural explanation does not diminish the miracle. The miracle is in that God's people who loved him were saved from the onslaught of the murderous armies seeking revenge.

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Anonymous said...

Wendee - I totally agree with your theology,and am glad to know that you are a follower of Jesus and that you state that on your site. See 'ya-loy