Wednesday, October 19, 2005


there's an underestimated and impatient little girl
raising her hand

- Alanis in 'Wake Up', on Jagged Little Pill

my dear friend said to me that i remind him of another friend who has a similar personality and yet she ended up getting frustrated at the turn of events in life and lost her passion for the environment and making a difference and all. he said something like promise me you will not ever lose your passion. I'm trying lord, i am trying but i tell you its hard in this world.

i remember when i was a sophomore in college i worked as a receptionist over a summer to raise money for my Australia rainforest trip that fall and there were these 2 middle age men and i had all this joie de vivre and they were cool and i'd say be happy, and they were just like, you don't understand, life just hasn't beaten it out of you yet. they'd been divorced and things had not gone well for various reasons. but i promised myself i'd never let all the crap in life take my joie de vivre because why should i let the crap of the world rob me of my life? life IS joie de vivre - it is what makes life itself worth living. just do your best to keep your attitude right - you have power over your choices and who you surround yourself with and whether you let bad things get you down. Jesus even says, you WILL have troubles but take heed I have overcome the world. In other words (my words) the light of God is far brighter than the darkness in the world and cling to and look to the light, keep it in your heart and let it wrap you in its comforting love and peace. keep on keeping on.

i am going out of town to the hill country hiking and kayaking - i'll be back sunday night! cheerio.

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David said...

Have fun in the hill country!!!