Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Artist's Way

I'm reading the Julia Cameron book The Artist's Way right now and have a group of women friends reading it at the same time and we're sharing our reactions and thoughts as we go through it. One requirement of the book is writing "morning pages" in a journal every morning and I created this collage on a standard kids' essay book. I knew I'd go through a lot of these journals since we have to write 2-3 pages every morning for 12 weeks which we've expanded to 24 weeks due to busy schedules. I like my collage because it has everything I love and that inspires me. It has a rainbow which represents hope, it has a butterfly which represents metamorphosis, it has a camera lens for photography, mountains for strength and beauty, a bird for freedom, a yoga pose for peacefulness, a hiker with arms raised - which I just love and find inspiring. And the stars and moon which represent humility to me. How can one gaze on all the zillions of stars and not be humbled by our small place on this planet? And yet we still have a responsibility to care for our Planet Earth. The flowers represent spring, the eternal spring which always comes... and joy. I thought about putting a cross but I didn't find a photo that spoke to me with one, and to me my Christian faith runs through and in everything else. It's not one extra piece of the pie - it IS the pie that includes all of these other things. The money word, well that is where I struggle. I don't love money, but want to be financially independent enough to truly be able to contribute significant and substantial amounts to the world, and to rise out of the whole middle class struggle.


Sus said...

Neato gal!!

Josh said...

I saw a mountain lion while hiking up emory peak last saturday. I was less than a mile from the top and found myself 4 feet away from the lion. After a second it ran away.

Unknown said...

awesome josh! I so wanted to see one but only got poop... did you see the article i wrote for TX Parks & Wildlife mag about this trip? It's called In Search of America's Lion and should be online. I just found it :)