Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Eco-mochilas and so much to do!

The article that just came out in OnEarth, How to Save a Monkey, talks about a two decade project to help save endangered cottontop tamarins in Colombia, Proyecto Titi, spearheaded by Anne Savage. The latest aspect of the multidimensional conservation project is an innovative idea - to make eco-mochilas (see picture) from plastic bags that litter the forest. They're beautiful aren't they? The famliies collect the plastic bag trash, clean them, and cut them into strips which they then crochet using traditional crochet needles and techniques. They make purses and beach bags and some other stuff. It's been so successful that they've started a thing called Turtles, Tamarins and Trash where they're expanding it to other countries. In Colombia, it has increased the standard of living (via income) for some women and families by many-fold, and they got to teach women who flew in from Costa Rica and another country that I can't recall. The article didn't have a photo of the eco-mochilas so I wanted to include this.

When I was in high school, I remember I would call certain friends who would be so busy that they would not call me back. I never got this. They were real friends I'd hang out with during school, eat lunch with etc. But I thought, how could anyone be so busy that they don't have time to make a phone call? I was not involved in sports, or music, or any extracurricular activity at all. So needless to say - before the internet - I was bored and wanted to talk to friends. Bored? I can't even remember how it feels! But now as a mom, a single mom with so many activities and appointments and things to do... I absolutely completely understand now how a person can be so busy that you can go through an entire day from morning until you plop down in bed without a single good time to call someone. I tend to make my personal phone calls when I'm out and about, but sometimes even then it's like when you're in the car you just need to zone out because when you're home you're working working working, or you're making dinner or cleaning up or talking with the kids. Whew. It's a busy but full and wonderful life!

I am headed to Big Bend National Park on Friday for an article I'm writing. I've never been there but hear so many good things about it. Then later in the week I'm going river raffting for the first time ever, with my daughter and her school class! That will be in Guadalupe River State Park. Woohoo!

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Ian said...

Those are made from plastic bags? That's pretty cool. It's sad, of course, that the resource that this "resource" exists within the forest.