Thursday, September 20, 2007

Media coverage

The local newspaper did a front page article on me last Wednesday! Check it out, Adventurous Atascocita woman explores the world through writing and travel . It starts: Wendee Holtcamp is a freelance writer, photographer and self-proclaimed bohemian, but around Atascocita she is referred to as "the female Indiana Jones." The paper used the photo of me hanging upside down from a vine in the Peruvian Amazon but it's not online.

Also the Houston Chronicle Living Green blog interviewed me about my "30 Days of Consumer Celibacy" article I wrote for OnEarth magazine about The Compact. It appears on the Aug 31, 2007 entry.


Miranda said...

This is awesome and I am so proud (and jealous) of you. The link to the first article did not include a photo, though.

Sus said...

Cool, very cool! umm....what is Atascocita?