Sunday, September 02, 2007

How to Save a Monkey

My latest article is just out in OnEarth magazine! How to Save a Monkey: In the tropical forests of Colombia, a new breed of "conservation entrepreneurs" are using education and economics to protect an endangered primate. OnEarth Magazine. Fall 2007.

Check out the fun self-portrait of Elissa and I in Pioneer Square, Portland. Elissa lived next door to me in 7th grade (in Beaverton, OR)! We've kept in touch since. She owns Sweet Pea Nursery in Bozeman, MT and is a pilot! I've blogged about this before but in high school - after my junior year - Elissa and I, wild childs that we were, sort of lived "on the streets" down there for about a week. We ate at the homeless children's shelter, slept on park benches at the river's edge and in abandoned houses with some true street kids. It just shows how far I've come!

A self-portrait of me and my cousin!

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