Monday, October 13, 2008


I am laughing so hard at this post from Daily Kos, So, let me get this straight... by Jeff Lieber I have to post!

So let me get this the direction of unrepentant terrorist Bill Acorn, Buddhist Democratic candidate Barack O'Leary, who is not eligible to run for President on account of the fact that his birth certificate says he was born in Europe, instructed a voter registration group known as Filbert to conspire with the Iraqi government to give risky loans to black people, which has caused the nihilistic practice of the U.S. government bailing out Walmart, which is especially bad when you consider the fact that Tony Rezko, who is currently in prison for letting gay men and women get married in Kenya, is trying to force them to unionize, a practice that maverick Sarah Palin said "No, thank you" to as mayor of Alabama when she wasn't steadfastly monitoring whether or not Vladimir Preston was or was not rearing his head out from Mexico, which we need to build a wall around, because the mostest importantest thing to the U.S. Americans is who is going to pick our orange juice for $50 an hour, which we can't do on account of the fact that Raila Odinga wants to tax not just the RICH, but the Sexual Education Class for kindergartners, which is why YOU MUST VOTE for What's-His-Name, who ABSOULTELY AND COMPLETELY has a plan to catch Harry Pelosi, and whom Republicans only nominated because the rest of their candidates were total ball-sacks.

And THIS is the cogent closing argument Republicans are sure will get America to WAKE THE F*** UP and install them in the White House for another eight years?

OMG that had me laughing out loud!!! Seriously, the crap coming out of this campaign is seriously ridiculous, and it makes me extremely frustrated that so many smart people believe the hogwash. Somehow we think we are immune to propaganda, but we do truly still live in a Propaganda Nation (I'm interviewing Nancy Snow for my book - she is a tenured Communications Professor at Syracuse University). Newsflash: Fox News is completely biased!!! If you're getting your news from there, you might want to consider some other sources. Check out this article on Fairness in Accuracy and Reporting (FAIR), The Most Biased Name in News: Fox News Channel's extraordinary right-wing tilt.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and CBS, NBC and ABC aren't biased at all! RIGHT!! I suppose you think they should ban talk radio also.

Unknown said...

I never said anyone should ban anything. I also never said there isn't bias in other news media. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the problem is that when opinion is presented as fair or unbiased, then you have essentially, propaganda. The supposed "liberal bias" is quite misunderstood though. A major problem is that most people don't know how to detect bias in media or various sources (I actually studied this while in grad school at A&M). The "media" often present two sides to issues that truly do not HAVE two sides (like evolution, climate change) among creating an illusion of true controversy and creating controversy. These are complex issues that are being discussed within journalism circles and there's research being conducted, and they're discussed in media classes at universities and I wish I (or anyone) could boil it all down in a short answer, but that's impossible... but the comment did inspire me to write another blog entry soon about bias in media because critical thinking (or the lack of it, and the consequences for our society) is something I've been studying for a long time, and is part of my upcoming book. It's an important issue on many levels. One key is having multiple sources. I am often amazed at how many people do not "believe in" evolution that have never relaly even studied it, or read a biology textbook. Often people who don't like evolution get their information from their pastors, and Christian books on "intelligent design." Why not actually just read the biology textbook?! That kind of thing floors me. I actually designed a worksheet for my biology students to analyze the level of trust one should put in a source of information called Evolution in Action. It used to be online but it's not anymore. I'll have to figure out how to get it online. I'll post this in the media bias blog.