Thursday, October 30, 2008

slight change in plans

I love this photo. One of Savannah's friends took this shot actually, not me. They got their face painted at our church picnic and all three girls got dots all over their faces. It was cute! She has beautiful eyes! :)

I've had a slight change in plans for the weekend. Laurie started to get sick and I didn't want to end up camping by myself, so I got a hotel reservation instead. I wasn't sure if I'd be doing the trip alone or not, but she's feeling good now and will meet me there tomorrow - yea! So we will go out on the Granbury Riverboat cruise Friday night (Halloween!) on Lake Granbury that sounds like a blast! It's some sort of fun cruise, murder mystery dinner. It was that or the romance package Saturday night where some guy was proposing to his fiancee'... um, no thank you! :) I'll take the fun package. Ha! So I'm totally stoked about it. I'm doing a travely article about the area as well as research for my book. We'll still go to visit and hopefully hike a bit in Cleburne State Park and go see the tracks at Dino Valley and alse the Creation Museum. That's all I have time for now, I'm still finishing up my cassowary piece, and I need to make sure everything is packed, so here are a few pics!

This is super old but I was just randonly going through pics and thought this is cute - wonder twin powers, activate! This is Elise (aka Stinky - ha ha!) and I at a Christmas party I had at my house last year.
This was at a gathering at Lynn's last week. I look like a dork! This is Georgia, me, Trish, and Tammy going clockwise from left! My friend Carmine and I last weekend when we went out to dinner. My braids are messy! LOL!


Janine said...

You do NOT look like a dork!!!!
I hope you had a blast this weekend!!!!!

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

I would be more than a little interested if you were actually able to interview Baugh and actually get anything on the science. The one time I visited his 'museum' he wasn't the way, prepare to be disappointed. It's a converted single-wide trailer with a mural, a couple of TV screens, a couple of 'sciency-looking' props, and as far as I could tell no real science. Even Answers in Genesis goes out of their way to disassociate their version of YEC from Baugh's ministry, and the folks from ICR backed away from his 'Paluxy man tracks' many years ago, stopping just short of calling them a con.

Also, I had a serious of unpleasant encounters with a Baugh associate named 'Dr.' Don Patton who deliberately misrepresented himself as a working scientist (he is nothing of the kind) with scientific degrees (again, untrue). I caught him telling more than a few whoppers. He and Baugh appear to be birds of a feather in that regard, along with substituting a folksy manner and unsubstantiated anecdotes for science. So, I think that if you get an interview, it'll be with someone trying to con you.

Unknown said...

I did interview Carl, and spent some time there as you can see from the new pics! I would blog more about it but I gotta save it for the book! :) I can say he surprised me on a couple different things.