Sunday, November 02, 2008

Land of the Lost

Here are some photos from my trip this weekend to Granbury, Texas and a few local state parks and other attractions!

The world famous Paluxy River, the original "Land of the Lost!" :)
Dinosaur tracks in the limestone at Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Up close, dino tracks. So cool!
"Biblical scrolls" inside the Creation Evidence Museum.
Me and Carl Baugh outside the hyperbaric chamber he is building inside the museum.

Alvis Delk and Carl Baugh at the Creation Evidence Museum Saturday lecture. Over 100 people showed up!

A view of Lake Granbury from the Hilton Garden Inn, where we stayed. It was a nice hotel!!
I'm pretty sure this was Granbury's City Hall. Granbury - which is SW of Fort Worth - has a really neat historic square with an Opera House where we went to see a musical play, "Life Could be a Dream," on its opening night, on Saturday. It was a lot of fun! Granbury has a nickname of "The Branson of Texas" and they also have another musical performance called "Granbury Live."
A historic old bank on the Granbury square.

Cleburne State Park

Laurie & I taking a break from hiking in Cleburne State Park to snap a self-portrait! :)

And another one! Peace, man!

Cedar Lake in Cleburne State Park. It was very beautiful with a lot of fall color!

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Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Well, I have to say that the museum you saw is not the one I saw. It looks as if Baugh finally managed to raise enough funds to open the barn structure next to the single-wide mobile home that I visited. I'll post about that.