Tuesday, November 04, 2008

historic day

I am so anxious and excited and hopeful. It's going to be a monumental day, and I hope not an extremely disappointing one... I am so hopeful but so nervous. Tonight I'm having a few friends over to watch election results. We have champagne for the win, and Jack Daniels if the results don't go well... Just kidding! :) The above video is atribute on Youtube for Obama's grandmother who passed away just hours before the election. What sad timing.

My son's school did a mock election and, big surprise, it came out McCain (this is Texas, and most kids vote as their parents do). I asked him who he voted for and he said, "Who do you think?" I said "I don't know, who?" He said "Obama!" I said, "Why, because I like him?" He said, "No because *I* like him!" (big grin). I said, "Why do you like him?" And he replied that he liked his policy about helping out people who did not have as much and who were struggling.

Savannah's school did something different with their mock election that I actually found impressive. They had the kids select which policies and stances they preferred and then it was revealed which candidate they had most tick marks under. She said, "You'd be proud of me, I had most Obama and 3 for Ralph Nader."

And note that even though I'm a huge Obama supporter, their dad does not have the same political views as I do. So it's gratifying to see the kids having these views because I do welcome open dialogue about their views and policies etc. They listen to NPR and they have watched the debates and kept up with the current events at school. It really is such an exciting election!

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