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Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico
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I don't know about you but I've really been digging the music lately. I normally listen to the Christian radio station at home, and channel change in the car but there have been so many good songs on the regular radio that I love right now! I've always loved music, since I was a kid. My dad had a massive record collection, including some bootleg albums - but some of my fave rock and roll and funk music: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bootsy Collins, Rick James, Cream, New Riders of the Purple Sage (I love that name!), Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers.

Anyway so now these are some of my favorite songs currently on the radio... it's so cool to always have a good upbeat song on the radio!

La Vida Loca, Coldplay
Gotta Be Somebody, Nickelback
Love Remains the Same, Gavin Rossdale
I'm Yours, Jason Mraz
So What, Pink
Better in Time, Leona Lewis
If I was a Boy, Beyonce
Hot N Cold, Katy Perry
Keeps Getting Better, Christina Aguilera

On another note, there were 2 interesting articles in the UK Telegraph. Barack Obama's vision of a scientific America By Sir Paul Nurse. After eight years of neglect, researchers are hoping the new president makes good on his promises, says Nobel laureate Sir Paul Nurse.

In modern times, America has led the world in scientific discovery. But since 2000, the country has seen what might be termed a scientific recession.

For five consecutive years, federal investment in science has fallen, stalling endeavour and leading to despondency among America's scientists.

Within the administration of George W Bush, scientific advice has been sidelined and subjected to sustained political manipulation Expert advisers on vital issues such as global warming, stem-cell research and the teaching of evolution have been marginalised, ignored and even removed from office..

What people don't realize who don't deal in the scientific arena daily, as I do as a science writer and as someone educated in science, the Bush administration and many Republican politicians have contributed to the decline of science and science education in our country. The fact that people actually think there's scientific controversy over evolution is a case in point. There is NO controversy among scientists! The controversy is not a scientific one, but a cultural and religious one. The state of our populace's ability to think independently, reason, and understand complex issues is at a very low level. And the Bush Admin has also taken a lot of money away from funding scientific research, conservation, and environmental concerns like global climate change. They've kept things secretive, and it does have an impact on the daily lives of scientists and conservationists around the country.

Now, finally, on the listservs I am on and have engaged on for a decade and a half there is a sense of renewed optimism. Maybe we will get some funding again! Maybe we will be able to protect our endangered species! Maybe they will stop sacrificing the legacy of our beautiful land - God's Creation - to appease corporate giants, development, mining... Sustainability IS possible! This is but one reason why so many people are experiencing Obamaphoria!! (Check out this funny dictionary of Barackisms, also in the Telegraph). Check out the video of the euphoria on the site too.

Just under half of our nation's people voted against him, too, but do not underestimate the fact that the decisive Electoral College win means that across our nation, in a decisive majority of states with more people decided that they wanted change, they believe that Hope is not just a word, and that Obama himself is a man we believe can lead us to a better tomorrow. (In a future blog I plan to address why a Christian can vote for someone who is supportive of gay rights and does not believe abortion should be illegal.)

Later in the article it also says:

What are Obama's specific pledges? First, to increase federal funding for science and engineering, which has halved as a share of GDP since 1970. He has promised to double the research budgets of the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and the other key agencies over the next decade, supporting high-risk, high-reward research in computing, biotech, nanotechnology and other fields.

Second, Obama has promised to invest in education, guaranteeing students access to a strong science curriculum and increasing the importance of maths and physics in schools.

Third, there is his plan for a green economy: a promised investment of $150 billion over 10 years to create five million new jobs.

Obamalujah! I keep having to pinch myself. I am still in the shock and awe stage! Things are gonna change, for the better.

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