Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bering Sea Day 20: Sun, sky, and waves!

Sunset over the northern Bering Sea, June 5th 2010. Copyright (c) 2010 Wendee Holtcamp

We had another glorious sunny day yesterday to the point people were siting outside just soaking up the sun. I actually could feel warmth coming from it!! That's relative though, because wind comes along with the sun, and so it would never stay warm for more than a second or two. But it was beautiful to see the sun after so many grey days, and to sit outside. I loved it, and went out several times to watch the way the light dance off the waves. Soooo cool! They got going pretty good! They've died down a bit today but apparently we have a BIG one coming in 2 days time... 40 knot winds and people are batting down the hatches on deck.
I went around and took photos of things while the sun was out. This is a shot of the boat from the side where you can see the University of Washington logo.
I took some more people pictures. This is one of the ABs (crewmembers aka "Able Bodied Seamen" or women as the case may be) - Dana.
Lorelei is an undergrad student at University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Ken is our marine tech/computer guru. He showed me the totally coolest video of this underwater exploding volcano - he was on the Thompson when it had "JASON" on board, a robotic ROV (remotely operated vehicle) - and it went undersea and recorded the volcanic explosion as it happened. I mean, it was red lava and fire IN the ocean!!!
Captain John!
The MOCNESS looks good in the sun doesn't it? Everything looks good in the sun!
Ebett caught a Sea Nettle jellyfish in the MOCNESS!
Brian and Greg - two of the red-bearded guys on board! (in the mess hall/eating area)
Following are several photos of the waves as the sun went down around midnight. The final sunset was at 1am I think but I'd gone to bed. I should have stayed up since I couldn't sleep... I had to get up early to watch the mud team.

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susan s said...

love these photos...sun is great! especially like how the horizon is tilted! makes for very intriguing shot.