Friday, July 09, 2010

Bering Sea Day 21-22: sunshine rocks!!!

Yesterday I hardly took any photos at all but then when I emerged from my writing den, I realized the sun, glorious sun, was shining! It also was shining today, and I sat in a chair on deck soaking it up. Wow it was divine! I was in heaven. It won't last long though. After hitting "Benthic Nirvana" over the night and morning, we just started on the 70m isobath transect, which heads from the far north straight back towards Dutch Harbor, and there's a storm with 50 knot winds waiting for us. Holy moly - that's a big storm! It may die down before we get there, but it's not gonna be pretty if we hit it. Yikes. At any rate, it's drop-dead gorgeous out here right now. Most of the time I've been writing away like mad. I have a lot to do... Almost as soon as I return home, I'm heading on the Great Gulf Coast Oil Spill Road Trip from Texas to either Alabama or Florida to see what we can see. I am reporting a couple stories.

Jonathan and Colin - room mates - in the hydro lab, which is really where the mud team tends to hang out, although there is hydro stuff in there, as well as sediment trap stuff.
A shot of a life ring - is that the right term? Something like that...
Greg doing pull-ups on deck!
Jason is a teacher on board! He teaches high school chemistry.
Alexei Pinchuk again, about to do his Calvet nets. The shot is kind of dark but I like the picture.
Floats in a corner of the boat. Don't they remind you of those things you ride on as a kid, the bouncy balls with a handle on top? I have to admit, I sat on one, but it wasn't quite as bouncy as I'd hoped.
Sun glorious sun sparkling on the sea
Clouds and sun over the Bering Sea. Can you tell I was mildly enthralled with the sun after so many days of grey cloudy weather?
Sean sorting mud in his bucket. A shot of the benthic organisms found in the Van Veen Grab that Sean sorts through.
I took out a brittle star and put it on the edge.
I'd love to say this was the view out my balcony, but alas I'd be lying. I have no window, let alone a balcony, in my room. However if I step outside the door in the hallway this is the view - on a sunny day!
More ocean and more sun!
This is Fred Menzia, a NOAA oceanographer.

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