Friday, July 09, 2010

Bering Sea Day 22-23: Sunset and clouds

Last night I watched a most beautiful sunset here in the Bering Sea. We finished up "Benthic Nirvana" (an area where Chief Scientist David Shull wanted to visit because it is in an area with a polynya, which means that no ice forms due to it being at the edge of an island, despite ice forming all around. So that does inteersting things to the sediment. I didn't see anything noticably different in the mud itself, but I think that it's more something that will be observable in the data. So last night we had clear skies and so I stayed up to watch the sunset. It started about midnight and the sun finally went down about 1am. Funny how long it takes the sun to set here! But sunset does not mean darkfall... In fact the sky was bright blue all around. I didn't stay up all night but many scientists work nights and sleep days and someone told me that it pretty much just turned from sunset to sunrise... Anyway here are a few photos!

Two murres flying through.

This is a "headache ball" on deck and I thought it made a cool pic.

This is actually today. The cloud formations were gorgeous! More blue sky!
Another photo of the clouds today.


Prettypics123 said...

That sky is incredible!!

Mom said...

Wow! How much longer are you out? Who racks the satelllite images? And yes the sky was so amazing. When we lived in Colorado and there were no trees we loved watching the sky! H3ere in Kingwood we are surrounded by trees so rarely see those amazing cloud formations.
God be with you sister!

Unknown said...

Levonne - thanks!! MJD - I get home July 18 - I sent you an email too. Your login says "mom" and at first I thought you were my mom, I was like what? My mom commented? :) You didn't sound like my mom! I think you have that there because you comment on As blog! It cracked me up! What did you mean "who racks the satellite image"? Did you mean tracks? If so, there's a computer map guru on board who has a way to track where we're at. I often see the cloud formations over the bridge when running in the evening or when I used to drive to Huffman but you're right - not so much when you're in KW! I miss you guys!!!