Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So happy to be home!

I've only been home from the Bering Sea for a few days and tomorrow morning I head off again - on the Great Gulf Coast Oil Spill Road Trip. Writer Melissa Gaskill and I are driving from Houston to Destin, Florida (and back again). We will do everything from touring a blue crab hatchery to SCUBA diving to touring the oiled marshes of Mississippi and Alabama. I'll be reporting via audio and video at the Wendee Holtcamp Report for Adventures in Climate Change.

It's been a whirlwind since I got home - finishing articles, uploading videos, writing blog posts, and preparing for the upcoming trip. I am so incredibly happy to be home - or should I say to be away from the foggy, grey dark trip.... Like I said, my month on the Bering Sea was emotionally challenging for me (though the science is cool and I love the blogs I did for Nature), so I am so thankful to be home, withthe friends who I adore, and my sweet boyfriend (who adores me - and vice versa)!

Tonight I had a last minute get together with Doug and a few girlfriends. I had been planning to have a get together, but then I didn't feel like I had time to, but at the last minute I called some of my girls and they showed up and we hung out for a few hours!

My good friend Elise's birthday is a few days before mine so I told the guys at the Mexican restaurant where we went - and they borught her a Mexican hat and shot of tequila. Doug decided he'd tell them it was also my birthday and they brought me one too! So here you go...
Slamming those shots of tequila - not my typical thing!
I love our faces here - ha ha ha!
I have only been hanging out with my boyfriend again now for a few days and now I have to leave again! He originally was going to go with us, but Melissa and I decided to just go together to save on expenses.
This is Jessica, me and Georgia! I look like a dork, but that's typical right! :)

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