Monday, November 21, 2005

magic is happening

I started to wonder today if I would get anything done on my proposal since the landscape keeps beckoning me to explore it. Earlier I sat at the outside table and read a few articles on evolution and creationism. Then I updated my blog after going for that walk and taking the shower. Then I sat in the circle you have seen in the photos (made for the fire pit) in a chair with my tea and Susan Rabiner's awesome book "Thinking Like Your Editor: How to Write Great Serious Nonfiction and Get it Published" and I started to answer those questions I'd been mulling earlier atop the hill, and that are integral to a proposal: What am I going to write that is different, and why am I the one to write it? And who cares? At first it came out in fits and starts and then it actually started to come together in a cohesive theme.

Then I went for another walk as the dusk hour came upon the land. I walked down to the Tibetan flags again - they fascinate me (I will have to look into their history), and then down to a flattish area and there was this huge crevasse - it was so deep and the ground/soil so soft that I was a bit afraid it would collapse under my feet. I started to think about the "evil exboyfriend" situation and why it happened to me, and how I could get suckered into the whole thing and be so deceived-why did I believe the lies? Why did it seem so real? And tears came to my eyes as it all came together for me. It doesn't really matter how or why, the fact was that it happened, and I - an intelligent, well educated woman who questioned relentlessly - still fell for it hook line and sinker. Then the connection to the book I am writing fell into place -- Here is the "why me" for why I am the one to write my book. Because it can happen to anyone, and increasingly in our nation it is. Not with deceitful men but with deceitful people spreading propaganda and lies that masquerade as the real deal, as truth, as religious faith-based ideas and ideals. Smart, well-meaning and educated people are being deceived into following the concepts espoused by proponents of intelligent design, and it is all a Wizard-of-Oz sham. Being deceived can happen to anyone. And that is why everyone should read the book I want to write. It was a beautiful magical aha moment.
Long afternoon shadows on the fall landscape

My shadow cast against the golden afternoon sunlight

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