Friday, November 18, 2005


It has been a while since I've posted only because I have been swamped with things to do. There are days when I HAVE to write in my blog because the thoughts and words are pouring into my mind and have to overflow somewhere and it usually is the page or the typewritten word. But lately I've been trying to play catch-up or get-ahead or something like that, before I leave for my exciting adventure to New Mexico; I leave Sunday and am completely thrilled and excited!! I am excited to go and be alone like Thoreau in the wilderness. I love to be alone. I love solitude. I am a contemplative and have thought of being a monk (not really very seriously... lol) anyway I need to ramble because I don't have time to self-edit.

So I am excited about the concept of focusing on one thing. I am such a freak-multi-tasker. At one time I'll have 5 websites open - I'll be renewing my library books, ordering something on Amazon, searching Google for some info, and then also have 8 emails open, 4 Word docs (2 assignments I'm working on, a table with the queries I'm working on to agents, etc etc). Yes I am insane...So anyway it keeps life exciting. But as focused light can be a lazer I need to focus my attention fully on the task of finishing my book proposal. I am going to tune out the rest of my life for a while, but I will try to blog and write about my experiences. So for now I have to go finish an assignment and do a few other things so I'll sign off this scattered blog entry. Later!

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