Saturday, March 01, 2008

chocolate biofuel and "green collar" vets

My latest articles!

  • Godiva's latest ride We know chocolate fires libidos, improves moods, and makes hearts healthy. Who knew it could fuel cars? OnEarth Spring 2008.

    Also check out their website, which has a lot of fascinating info about the expedition from Spain to Timbuktu, Mali (who knew Timbuktu was in Mali?!)

  • Looking for a Few Good Men: When they come home from Iraq and Afghanistan, our veterans may find themselves out of a job as well as out of uniform. Time to call Green Collar Vets. OnEarth Magazine, Spring 2008.

    This article is about Fort Worth's "Green Hornet" Jyl Dehaven and her partner-in-crime Georgia Richey as they plot how to turn Fort Worth - and the rest of the world - green. Their latest plot involves training unemployed U.S. veterans in the new wave of "green collar" jobs.

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