Saturday, June 14, 2008

button pushing

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God's gift, that's why we call it the present.
- Oogway in Kung Fu Panda (originally the quote is from Joan Rivers)

The Himalayan foothills of Nepal, near the India border.

I've decided to start randomly putting up some photos that I have that haven't made their way online. I have so many, and in my funk-of-late when I just sit and stare at my laptop screen rather than focusing, the photos go by every few seconds and I think, wow, I really have a lot of cool photos and many are not on my blog or in my photo galleries. So I'll put some up when I don't have other photos. The one above was at the top of a hill when we'd trekked up and stopped to camp for the night, where the porters tried to put my tent right on top of a fresh cow patty! I was like, umm, I don't think so! Yes there are cows in this beautiful wild landscape. There were cows (caks - cow-yak hybrids) on the most insane hilly slopes. They are everywhere... This was the spot where Brian got sick and we took a couple days out. There was a lean to that Tim slept in that reminded me of the kind of ramshackle hut Jesus could have been born into! It was a shelter indeed for shepherds passing through (or technically, cow-herders).

Went to see Kung Fu Panda with the kids which was cute. I like the theme that the unexpected person - the one no one ever thinks would be - can become the savior, the hero. So very very true. I also like the concept that there is no "magic ingredient" - what makes us succeed and achieve is believing in ourselves and our power to just be ourselves, and manifest the vision and follow the unique path the Creator gave to each of us. The thing I wish was true in real life is that so quickly the creatures opposed to his being the Dragon Warrior end up befriending the panda as he serves them noodle soup - even though they still don't believe he's the Dragon Warrior. I just wish in real life, befriending happened so easily.

Why is it that those who are so deep inside our hearts, those we love, can push our buttons so easily and vice versa whereas good friends just love and support? Can there be great passion and love without the button-pushing? I mean, really??? Is it possible? Anyone anyone out there? Is it possible?!!! What do you think? I honestly genuinely have no clue, and I'm curious...


Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Wendee, have you seen this?

Maybe this might be up your alley, given your recent work?


Janine said...

I'm not sure there can be great passion with no button-pushing. Because we're human and sometimes we fail. But that's where love and commitment come in. We love and forgive, in spite of the buttons. And maybe, sometimes because of the buttons.