Thursday, June 05, 2008


Nothing too exciting here.

Last night, I went to see Hollywood Agent Rima Greer speak at the Women in Film and Television-Houston meeting with my friend Elise (the one working on "buying the Astrodome" to turn it into a green movie production studio - See Houston Chronicle article: The latest proposal for the Astrodome? Movie studio). The talk was cool. Elise's partner in the Astrodome project is the President of WIFT-Houston, Cynthia Neeley. Elise was my biology student 8 years ago!!! She's so cool! Another Cancer like moi :)

I finished my bobcat article and I'm pleased with it. It always feels great to finish a project! Now I am about to start writing on another that I've already researched, not to mention get caught up on email that has piled up since I went to Australia the FIRST time!

Lots of cool things going on. I'm learning about documentary production which is so cool and I'm really excited. I have several ideas I'm going to start pitching around and see what happens. I'm also considering buying a videocam and just start doing some of my own filming for various things. One thing Rima said is how much the wave of the future is internet TV. She said one day there will be online channels dedicated to 24/7 or and that is where people are going to be making their money. So if you can, go scoop up some of those domain names!

Anyway it's late and I'm braindead and going to bed.

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