Monday, June 09, 2008

oceans in between

A distant sorrow from the life we could share, but not yet, not yet i must wait ever waiting. Now we could sit at the coffee shop, we together, sharing, looking into each other’s hazel lion eyes we could talk we could laugh we could share our dreams and hopes and name our theoretical children and plan where we could get married maybe one day we could as we have already we could now even now. you could live in my home, could share my time and my love and my bed and my heart but instead instead only my words across a distant line do we share, spinning our wheels. Loneliness and a solidarity we share. A common hope and a common dream we share. A struggle to hang in, hold on, to a memory, memories of love and laughter of beaches and ocean and spinning around and falling down and walking down paths unknown futures carts before horses and yet prayers answered. Where do we find ourselves now, so far so many miles between us and so many hours spent I want you now.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! This flows so well; this is how thoughts flow in my head, maybe everyone's head.
Very touching.

(former student)

Unknown said...

i'm a very stream of consciousness talker and thinker... not everyone is from what i've heard from others, but maybe a lot of artistic people?