Wednesday, June 18, 2008

savies shark facts

Mike deGruy and Richard Fitzpatrick with a couple of whitetip reef sharks on the Undersea Explorer out in the Coral Sea off Australia
(c) 2008 Wendee Holtcamp

I'm working on a project now writing shark facts for a "game" and I came into my office, and Savie says to me, "Mom this is so easy. I've already written down all the facts you need. This just takes a couple minutes!" Here is what she wrote. I think she is a creative genius! ;)

1. Sharks have fins
2. Sharks have scales
3. Sharks are fish
4. Sharks are not humans
5. Sharks have skin
6. Sharks live in the ocean
7. Sharks live in salt water
8. Sharks have teeth
9. Some sharks are little
10. Some sharks are really big
11. Some sharks eat krill
12. Some sharks have spots
13. There is a tiger shark
14. There is a whale shark
15. There is a thresher shark
16. There is a great white shark
17. There is a reef shark
18. Humans can eat sharks
19. The Japanese shark fin
20. Sharks have blood
21. Sharks have eyes
22. Sharks have brains
23. Sharks have hearts
24. Sharks do not have lungs
25. Sharks have gills
26. Sharks are not purple and yellow
27. Sharks have mouths
28. Sharks have tails
29. Sharks have guts
30. Sharks have heads
31. Sharks are not birds
32. Sharks are not mammals
33. Sharks are not cats
34. Sharks are (most likely) not from Mars
35. Sharks don’t have fur all over their bodies
36. Sharks are not worms
37. Sharks are not vegetables
38. Sharks do not eat chocolate
39. Sharks reproduce
40. Sharks are (above all) SHARKS!!!

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