Monday, June 30, 2008


A "joey" pokes its head out from mama wallaby's pouch.
Copyright (c) 2007 Wendee Holtcamp

I booked my flight to my favorite place in the world, yes, that's right. Australia! Originally I was going to try to fly through Auckland, New Zealand and spend a couple of days there, but that fare got snatched up...

I went blueberry picking with Amy and Carmen again tonight. I went the other day too and have several pounds of berries in my fridge now that are soo yummy. I've gone every single year since we moved here. I remember the first year, Sam was just a baby and by the time we finished picking and got to the car and I changed his diaper, there were blueberries in it. I was astounded that something could go through the digestive system of a human - even a child - that fast! Clearly they were not well digested.

I found this quote interesting:

It can be stated with practically no qualification that people in general do not know how to listen. For several years, we have been testing the ability of people to understand and remember what they hear... These extensive tests led to this general conclusion: Immediately after the average person has listened to someone talk, he remembers only about half of what he has heard - no matter how carefully he thought he was listening. What happens as time passes: Our testing shows... that we tend to forget from one-half to one-third [more] within eight hours.

- Dr Ralph G Nichols, University of Minnesota quoted in "How to Deal with
Annoying People" by Bob Phillips & Kimberly Alyn.

I also read this great essay called What Shamu Taught me About a Happy Marriage from the New York Times. It came out in 2006, so it's old news now, but it's a humorous and interesting article, for sure!

I have a headache and am going to bed. I'm giving up caffeine (which I do periodically), so the caffeine-headache is upon me. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow. On another note, there is a really weird knocking noise coming from somewhere near my computer monitor. At first I thought it was my stomach growling. It will come on at regular or heck maybe irregular intervals and it's totally bizarre.

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