Wednesday, August 24, 2005

ha ha ha ha ha

Savannah to me on the phone last night: "you're dancing around, shaking your booty & eating cheese?" (and I was...)

Just know that Savannah is a riot. She is a tween, and she is so sarcastic (wonder where she gets that from) and she cracks me up. She is not constantly silly like Sam but she and I have our moments. We have a home that has a lot of silliness. Matt (their dad) also is a very subtly hilarious guy. He likes to say he is from the planet Cruton. Savannah always hits him when he says that. We used to play a game Matt made up called "No not really" where we'd make up some crazy off the wall story, not revealing it was a made up story, and inevitably one of the kids would go "really?" and then we'd say "No, not really." It's amazing what you can get the kids to believe, even if temporarily.

My favorite one is "I was sitting in Starbucks the other day in the big purple chairs and I looked out the window and there was a giant donut rolling down the sidewalk."

Now this is the actual factual truth - I got a pack of Bertie Botts beans (of Harry Potter fame) at the video store the other day and I'd written an essay on these a couple years ago but hadn't seen them since they came out with the 1st movie. These things are hilarious - so Savannah and Sam & I are reading the package "key" to jellybeans - in an increasingly incredulous voice I'm saying out loud, "Black pepper, booger, dirt, Earthworm! Earwax! sardine, soap, bacon, rotten egg, Vomit!"

We tried some of the nasty ones before, and trust me they are dis-gust-ing. I had tried dirt before and it tasted like... dirt! Last night my friend came over and we sampled the goods, and Savannah had said soap was good, so I tried it and sure enough it wasn't bad. It definitely tasted like hand soap.

Gail was like "it tastes like, eww, something, soap and... sugar!" I also tried a black pepper (not bad) and vomit (had to spit that baby out... ewwwwww and double ewww). We were cracking up. And thanks to my awesome friends Gia & Elizabeth who popped in last night while Gail & I were watching a video and surprised me with brownies and a S-bucks card for my bday!!! Love you guys!

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