Wednesday, September 21, 2005

darn that flapping sarcasm valve

I endlessly entertain myself when I am in a humorous mood, so I thought I'd post something I posted to the SEJ (Society of Environmental Journalists) list here. I just rejoined the organization after a 10-year hiatus. OK I have to give credit to the flapping sarcasm valve comment to a new friend/colleague who I've been emailing about wetlands and such, and I found the comment irresistibly humorous.

Here's my email:
"I've been informed (very politely) offlist of the importance of not appearing biased and such is generally frowned upon... and as punishment God has just upped Hurricane Rita to Cat 5 and she's heading straight for me here in Houston. So thought I'd send a quick email in between packing up my pink lawn flamingos that I will do my best to keep that darn flapping sarcasm valve shut. (I'm heading north in a bit). Hopefully I will return to more than a pile of bricks."

At least a few people found it humorous. One guy said "Others might not like your rant but I think I'm falling in love :-)" hee hee.

Really the whole bias/media thing is interesting because I'm writing a book about the Quest for Truth and how people come to their beliefs via faith, science, and self-knowledge. It will cover science/faith issues, the dangers of letting others decide our beliefs for us (ie do not be a sheep - baa baa), evolution and why intelligent design is not science. It's coming along nicely (about 30% done) and I'm very excited about it. Its going to be a lighter read than all the ID/evolution books out there, something aimed at your average soccer moms & dads.

My original message related to off-road vehicles and TX politics. Here it is in case you're interested. Hope you don't drive a big truck or like ORVs :)

Why do the offroad vehicle people get nearly $4 MILLION in funds to build a bunch of darn ORV trails through the woods, while the Spring Creek Greenway (an incredibly forward-thinking linear riparian park in the last wilderness in Houston) gets one-quarter that for land acquisition at $1 mil? (which to be sure is fantastic! and illegal ORV use is rampant along the properties). But sheesh, you'd think the TPW commission would recognize that land acquisition is so critically important right now since they're chopping down forest as fast as their truffala-whackers can chop and greenspace and parks preservation has been called for by umpteen different organizations, particularly around urban areas, and they're always whining about not having enough $ and going to sell off their parks -- rather than sinking a whopping $4 million in building motorized vehicle trails, for crying out loud. I mean I'm sure it MIGHT help get them off some of the land illegally but most likely it will
just lead to more forest destruction (there's a proposal to build a NEW trail right through the Angelina Nat Forest). I'd really like to know how they set their funding decisions. Stick all the ORV trails in the old abandoned sand mining pits that are all over the darn place out here and never ever get reclaimed! It kills me, the bunch of testosterone-laden overgrown good old boys who drive massive trucks Hummers and ORVs because they didn't get enough satisfaction from their Tonka trucks. (whoops did I say that?) End rant.

NOTE: I like good ol boys as much as I like anyone else, I was just being funny and one is exempt from political correctness when taking stabs at humor.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendee,

I read your SEJ posts and visited your blog and personal site. You are so cool! Wish I could do the freelancer get-together, but I'm not planning on going to the conference. Stay safe with Rita -- she already passed my way earlier this week.

Ian Beardsley said...

Hi Wendee, My Dad told me a long time ago that we were Bohemians and we lived in squalor for many years, I was literally raised in a chicken barn on a farm far from even a very small town. It was all for the sake of art. I live in relative luxury now, don't dine out or anything, but the walls have insulation, there is Indian and Persian Carpet, but the plaster is cracking. However, I think Bohemian comes from the french word for Gypsy and ever since I stayed in their quarters briefly, which is dirt and caves, and food every now and then, I think I will become a democratic socialist until they atleast can have a personal computer to maintain blogs about their wonderful music. I can be comfortable in squalor, but not in the luxory, because I can't see one good reason why we should draw a line and say you live like that, and I will live like this. The Gypsies honestly haven't done anything wrong. I can't say their isn't any injustice out their with the tax cuts for the rich, and the poor paying for flood stricken New Orleans.