Monday, September 26, 2005


I added some comments to my Kudos page from past Biology students. Its interesting that I was talking about the Morrie's living funeral concept and then all of a sudden I got a bunch of positive coments from some colleagues from a post I made to a listserv I've long been a member of in response to something I posted. I had previously gathered up comments my friends had made, and I read that when I'm feeling down, but recently decided to go through emails of my editors and just recently students (hence my newish Kudos page). I save these things because as someone said recently positive feedback is like manna. I love positive feedback when its genuine. I don't do my work for it, I work because I love what I do and I try to do my best always - whether writing, teaching, rabble-rousing or some other endeavor. But it makes me feel good to know that others appreciate what I offer the world through the gifts given to me, and that who I try to be as a human being is appreciated by those I touch in my life. On the other hand, it really bothers me to not be liked by people I think should not have a problem. Then again I should know that the problem is usually not me, because I can't work on what I don't understand. I know I worry far too much about this.

Speaking of manna I think the fact that we humans get to eat several times a day is manna. I love food. I love the tastes and variety - the sweet and the savory. I think its such a blessing that we can enjoy this simple pleasure. But I can also see how this can lead to food addiction problems - fortunately I lead a pretty balanced life but if I didn't run several times a week and work out... I dunno! It can be a "false idol" as can my other joy, clothes and fashion and shopping. The key is balance I think. (I am laughing aloud at myself reading this about food... I'm such a goober)

So I got stuck in horrendous traffic trying to flee Hurricane Rita. It was terrifying. Read this Houston Chronicle commentary for a very good explanation of how I felt, especially being annoyed at all the politicians congratulating themselves while millions of people sat in sweltering traffic, running out of gas, terrified we were going to end up in this death trap on the freeway while they congratulated themselves on how good a job they did at evacuating everyone.

It took people 70 hours to get our of town in some cases. Absolute insanity. It took us 10 hours to get 100 miles and we were leaving from the north part of Houston. We never made it to our destination of Dallas but found refuge at the home of my professor who was out of town but his wife graciously took us in - the whole caravan of us ragtag refugees - me, my kids, my exhusband and his coworker!


Luiz Guerra said...

Hi, sou brasileiro e gostei muito de sua página. Tentarei voltar com mais calma. Muita paz.

Unknown said...

Converted from Portuguese (best I could at

Hi, I am Brazilian and I liked its page very. I will try to come back with calmer. Much peace.