Tuesday, September 20, 2005

humility and humor

I once read about the politicians of old who would get up on their platform and spew rants and raves at the other party as they campaigned, and then they'd go drink beer together. This is how I think we should be as humans, as leaders. We should be able to vehemently disagree with one another's position, argue our own, but at the end of the day still be able to be friends and have a beer together. It is pride when one can not take criticism of their work, their personality etc. One can even disagree with the criticism, but one should at least listen to it and be able to evaluate it and not be defensive.

Praotes is also translated as humility. And humility is seeing oneself (and others) as they are - the qualities we have are gifts from God so we "ought not think too highly of ourselves" but nor does this mean to not see and appreciate and use the strengths we have. Humility is not self-effacing but a realistic view that considers everyone as having their place and being worthy. I try - but do not always succeed - to think of in each interaction of the other person as more important than me, or at minimun to treat them as I would like to be treated. I fail miserably many times! Or forget. One thing I don't like much in others is pride. What I see as pride is the opposite of humility, it is in people who get offended easily or who aren't able to see another perspective or their own faults. It's about treating others with respect and expecting it for yourself and walking away when its not happening. I like people who can see their own flaws, because only when someone can see and love us for all our imperfections are we truly loved. And this is how God's love for us is.

On a totally separate note, I played Bratz with my daughter the other night and had her cracking up so much she could not breathe. It was hilarious. Unlike Barbies (which I did not play with as a kid, I was more into Tonka trucks and whacko-whammos), Bratz have FEET that come off not shoes. So I took on this high-pitched urban chick voice and called her doll a wussie because Savannah said she was going to the prom, I was like, "Giiiirrrrl, proms are for wussies!" Then my Bratz doll freaked out about the foot murderer on a rampage (all the extra feet were lying on the carpet). I guess you had to be there but it was truly hilarious. If I might say so myself. Today I invented the character Monchichi Frappucino. I think I need to write a fiction book. I never wanted to write fiction, but maybe it would be a good use of my overactive imagination! Mostly the overactivity results in copious and voluminous writing and I tend to obsess about problems and situations. I recently said my mind is like a dog wrestling with a chew toy and my friend Bill said I should say like a Jack Russell Terrier with a chew toy. Not that I would know what a Jack Russel Terrrier is because frankly I think dogs are stinky and they get their slobbery dog breath all over you.


HunterH said...

Did you know a dog's mouth is cleaner that a humans?? Humans are the ones with the problems. Personally, I find dogs a much more agreeable species. The are true to themselves and their people, unlike others. Best of luck out there in a cruel cruel world.

Sus said...

Couldn't agree with ya more on the whole disagree & yet respect and live with one another.

This is one area that I've always had a difficult time with so-called "Christian" folk, in that I seem to recall Jesus preaching about love and respect for all. And yet so many religious folk get so defensive the minute one disagrees with them.

Personally, I think this is one of the best ways to learn; about others and myself.

Now, as for dogs....*LOL* While I'm more a cat person, I do love BIG doggies like St. Bernards, Rottweilers, English Sheep dogs. Oh and another interesting thing about cats vs. dogs, a cat bite is actually one of the worst kind to get. I want a dog some day but I'd need to have a decent yard for it since it'll be a BIG doggie!!