Monday, October 24, 2005

hill country

I have a zillion things to do, but I wanted to mention a very cool guy and outstanding photographer I met - Francis Zera - check out his amazing photos! - and here is a link to his gallery from this trip. (you can replace the "1" with 2, 3 and 4 to get additional pages).

And also, here are a few of my own Hill Country photos (c) Wendee Holtcamp 2005.
The daylit moon against a Hill Country backdrop - Colorado Bend State Park.

A Watusi cow saying hello. CAVU Canyon Ranch, Kimble County.

CAVU Canyon Ranch big blue skies in the morning light.
An old building ruins near Raye Carrington's Flyfishing Resort on the Llano River.

The Presidio, an old wartime fort in San Saba County.


Miranda said...

If you like Zera you'll love Michael Fatali's spiritual nature photography:

I am jealous of your trip into nature!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendee! The pics are awesome!

David said...

Great photos!!

David said...

I should add that I have an additional blog set up specifically for photos. I link to it on my sidebar.