Saturday, July 19, 2008


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Iguana lovers

This photo of these two marine iguanas in the Galapagos (Fernandina Island) reminds me of two lovers. Notice how the one is looking at the other and has its hand on the other (if you click on it, it shows a bigger version). The looks in each of their eyes is priceless (you can't really see unless you see the bigger version). The ocean is roiling away in the background but they're oblivious. Of course they are probably not really lovers, but it just reminded me of that image!

I have often whined about not liking it here in Texas, and in suburbia, and not fitting in, etc. That is still pretty much true but I've started to notice a shift inside my soul a bit lately. Maybe it's because of reading A New Earth and how he talks about living in the present moment and appreciating what IS, and appreciating the Now. I've kept a Gratitude journal on and off for many years. I actually am not keeping it now, but I still try to nurture that daily gratitude and thankfulness in my heart - and with my kids too. I've just been feeling abundantly blessed, thankful, grateful, happy. I adore my friends. I am incredibly grateful that over the past couple of years I've gone from really not having many friends here in Texas (or the ones I had abandoned me, left because of the divorce or various other supposed "reasons") to having a bunch of really amazing, joyful, kind, generous, spontaneous, funny, progressive-minded, awesome friends. I love that I have people I can call and put together a girls night out in a couple days and lots of people come! And this goes for my friends all over the world, too. I love that they say kind things to me, are supportive and comforting when I need it and make me feel good, but also give wise and sage advice and can call me on my stuff when I'm being irrational. It's all just life and love and amazing. They are part of my pocketful of sunshine.

How did this happen? God knows our desires, but sometimes it seems to help to voice them and then turn them over to Him. I am just really thankful for this wonderful change in my local environment. I went for a walk around the neighborhood with Amy last night (which we do on a regular basis), after having gotten an awesome spa pedicure (love physical touch) and was just thinking about all these things and how I have my own home, the kids are so grounded and smart and wonderful, and I feel so blessed and lucky. My career is doing wonderfully. Yes it can be a struggle, as a single mom, financially - more than I can explain - but God always provides. Always comes through. Yes there has been some turmoil over the past months but right now, things are great! I am really at peace, now, this day, and this moment. Going with what happens daily, and loving it. I just hope that I can give back to my friends and to life and God as much as He has blessed me with.

I'll put some pics from Seaworld up soon. I loved the behind the scenes Save a Species tour we went on, and I was impressed by how much they do for conservation! I'm writing an article on their efforts there. I also took Savannah to see Mamma Mia yesterday, which was a really great feel-good movie. I love those Abba songs! Dancing Queen - ya baby!

My gorgeous friends Trish and Amy! Taken with my cell phone camera so a bit grainy! :) Elise - peace out!

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You are awesome Wendee! I'm grateful for your friendship. :)