Friday, August 01, 2008

shark mysteries

Copyright (c) 2008 Wendee Holtcamp
Richard looks up while Mike deGruy and Sanjayan hold down a whitetip shark. Dean is in the background hanging off the back of the duckboad.

Last night I got to see the final product of the documentary filming that I witnessed part of when I first went to Australia in April, Mysteries of the Shark Coast (You can read my Expedition Shark blog live from the field here) I watched the show at my friend Melody's house because I don't have cable anymore! It was so cool to see it, and be like, "I remember when they filmed that!" and "Oh ya! I remember when he said that!" I am in the background in several shots, very very background but I'm the only blonde in the show so if you see some blonde hair quickly flitting through the scene, that's me. We're going to watch it again Saturday - woohoo! How cool is that. This photo to the right, I think Cat Gennaro took it, or maybe Sanjayan, but that is what I was wearing in the documentary thyough there are also a couple places where I'm wearing a black sarong, in one scene I was walking through the shot (oops!) bringing out my extension cord so I could upload the photos and blog entries via satellite phone to the US!

Alanis is coming to Texas - yay! Well I had something else to say but I can't remember so this is all for now. If you watched the show, let me know what you thought!


K in AK said...

Where (on cable) can I watch your documentary? Oh...I am Janine's sis-in-law in Alaska. You are WAY too cool! I LOVE reading your blog! AMAZING! (and the pictures are equally amazing!!)
All I can say is WOW!
(hope ya don't think I'm a stalker!! LOL)
I am going to start having my daughters read your blog just for an inspiration of what they can be when they grow up!!
K in AK


ahh thanks for your kind words about my blog etc!! I know who you are - I've visited your blog a few times!! :) I love visitors and comments so no I don't think you're a stalker in any way!!! The documentary aired on Thursday, so unless you had recorded it I'm not sure when it will air again :( But it probably WILL, I just don't know when!! I know for the 20th anniversary (last year) they put out a DVD set of all the shows, so maybe they will do that again this year. I am just in the "background" on the documentary - I don't have speaking part or anything but you can just see me through all the researchers in a few scenes :) It's kinda cool but especially remembering them filming it all etc! Come back anytime! :)

Nat said...

Hey! Loved the show but was bummed that you weren't in it! Then I read your blog to find out we just missed you in the background so I pointed you out to my son in church Sunday so he would know who we kept looking for during Shark week! Have a great trip and keep blogging! I love hearing all about your travels!


Hey Nat - is this Nat from church?? If so is your husband a pilot??? If so I think he flew me to LA today! Anyway i'm in it in at least 6 or 7 shots but i'm relaly in the background not a spekaing part or anythying. I'm the "shark nurse" and I'm also coming through the scene one time wearing a hoodie and a sarong carrying an extension cord! :)

Nat said...

Yes and yes! I am the Nat from church and my husband is a pilot and regularly flies to LAX so that is very cool that you were on his flight. You could have introduced yourself as my friend we were all looking for on Shark Mysteries! I hope we have a chance to catch you again if they replay it sometime soon. Have a safe and wonderful trip-I know YOU will!