Sunday, December 14, 2008

the genuine article

All I can say about today's pics is... a picture's worth a thousand words. :)

Right I'm now in a hotel in Portland, Oregon because there is a snowstorm and I'm not driving all the way out to my dad's in this weather. So... here I am uploading some recent photos. Yesterday afternoon Doug and I opened Christmas presents and then went ice skating at the Galleria and had a total blast. I think it was literally one of the absolute best days of my life.

Pure joy!

The Wendee and Doug show! He loves taking self portraits as much as I do!!! We switched hats!

This is the hat Doug gave me for Christmas - it's so cute!

And this is the awesome Op shirt he gave me!! :) He's so sweet and good to me!!
Peek a boo!

So cute together!

Look at those long eyelashes!!! They take my breath away!
So cute together!!!!

The king and queen of snuggling :) Open your eyes boy!

Note to self (or note to Doug?!): Taking pictures while ice skating can be dangerous!! :)
Silly pics in my hat at TGI Friday's
More silly hat pics. This is the Op shirt he gave me for Christmas, along with the cute hat! And the cutest card you've ever seen with two snuggling puppies.

We took some pics while we were literally moving around the skating rink!
We are sooooo happy!

Pinch me! Or don't.... :)


Chirin (Daline) said...

you guys are adorable!!! i want details!!!

Sus said...

Fun pic's! Wish the best for you girlie. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks!! we are so happy!! :)