Saturday, December 20, 2008


I took these pics with my phone so bear with the poor quality! Yesterday Holly and the kids and I walked down to the fish market on the waterfront to get some salmon. As soon as I walk outside, it snows. LOL. Little J loves trains and sure enough we got to see a train passing by. We came back up the hill and stopped into Starbucks where I got my latest fave, a salted caramel hot chocolate with a shot of espresso - yum! By the time we started to walk the three blocks back to their house, the snowflakes were giant! I was jumping up in the air to catch them on my tongue! They were so large, and the snow was so powdery it made me want to go skiing! :)

Holly and her two adorable kiddos as we walked to the waterfront.

Snowy rocks on the waterfront.

Another view of the waterfront in Tacoma.

OK I had one of the weirdest bits of serendipity tjust a few minutes ago. I had just arrived in Portland after a treacherous drive down I-5 from Tacoma. It started out fine but about an hour out of Portland it started snowing and the snow started accumulating on the freeway in parts, swirling about. I thought it was fine but it started getting worse, and then as I watched, the truck in front of me fishtailed to one side, then another side, and I thought they were going to correct and straighten up but then the truck went sideways all the way across the freeway and smashed into the bank and rail, flipping halfway sideways. I would have stopped but I was afraid I'd fishtail and crash myself and I wasn't able to slow down in the snow/ice and I saw a couple others stopping so I knew it was ok. But I went about 30-40mph all the way to Portland!! So then I arrived at my friend Annie Rose's (who owns the business Moon Pads) and I parked in front of he place and she was at the coffee place so I walked up the street to Random Order Coffee house.

So I'm there at the counter, ordering a fried egg sandwich and a mocha, and he asked for my name, and I said, Wendee. And another guy behind the counter says, "Holtcamp." And I looked up and see Jacob Elliot - a guy I'd met randomly at the Portland Saturday Market like 4 years ago. He is an extremely talented musician and at the Saturday Market I was blown away by his talent and went up and introduced myself. So we had emailed a bit when we first met and then sort of lost touch except being Myspace friends. But he had moved to L.A., and what was he doing here in Portland, in the same coffee shop that I was at.... I was like Oh my God what are you doing here?! It was pretty cool! Then my cell phone, which was in my pocket, randomly called my boyfriend, who heard me talking all friendly and surprised like to some guy... LOL. He he -- the way the world sometimes works cracks me up! :)

So now I'm buckling in for the cold and waiting til Monday morn to fly home, hoping the airport stays open and I can manage to drive there at 4am Monday! It's 26 degrees with a wind chill of 14!


Anonymous said...

I was just reading your blog, and until this post, it didn't hit me that Annie Rose was the Moonpads Annie Rose! I have a couple Moonpads- they're great! How nice to see the face behind the design!

Unknown said...

How very cool and what a small world! Yep it's definitely the Annie Rose of moonpads -she used to date my brother! :) Happy New Year!!