Tuesday, January 24, 2006

getting ahead

The nice thing about working from home is I actually have time to get some things done that I have been meaning to for oh, say a few years?! Like backing up my computer. Thank God for microsteps, but I bought a hard drive backup in late December, and it took me nearly a month to figure out how to use the software and get the backup right. The first time it backs up, it takes literally over 24 hours and makes my computer act like a slimy crawling thing. (i.e. A slug). It's annoying as hell since I'm typically in hyperactive-multi-tasking woman mania! So I did my first back up a few weeks ago. Or so I thought. Yesterday I went to check whether the files were actually there on the external hard drive and they were not! I had done a "duplicate" not a "backup" but I could not even find the duplicate files. So I read the online manual (when all else fails, read the manual...) and I had to do a different operation! So now I think I actually have it, after a gazillion tries... success!

I also have been working on my 2005 taxes early. This is a first.. I have never begun organizing the files until March at the earliest. In an act of decluttering mania, I have also gone through my file cabinets and recycled two huge garbage bags full of old paper stuff. Decluttering is so satisfying! LOL I sound like a total dork, but that's ok that is typical ;)

I am also trying to plan out my meals so that I can be prepared and save money (in theory... in practice I have found so many yummy recipes that I'm spending a small fortune at the grocery store to get new items). I am continuing my healthy eating post-cleanse. I am really enjoying it! I used to love cooking but the last year or two of my marriage I got sick of making food and feeling unappreciated so I kind of just gave up. I stopped making much of anything. It was a semi-conscious deliberate move but I think it hurt me more than anything since I and the kiddos didn't eat as healthy. I made this very yummy spinach-tofu quiche that is sooo good with salsa, and my first post-cleanse meal was an awesome soup with all kinds of veggies, brown rice, miso, curry, turmeric, cayenne, and cumin. I made a cabbage-apple-walnut salad tonight. I am introducing foods slowly into my diet & have not yet had wheat or most dairy. I've been having soy milk and soy products a lot. Well anyway I have not had many internal mental meanderings which is why I am blogging less and I've been really trying to focus on getting caught up and all. Sorry this is so mundane... no more talk about frozen pee, what can I say. LOL.

However! I am going to jet off to a resort in Florida next week, for a bit of pampering and relaxation, horseback riding on the beach, you know, it's a rough life but somebody's gotta do it! And Wednesday we are having our dinner party at Sonia's where we are all gonna cook homemade gnocchi and pasta sauce - I am so looking forward to that! And drink some wine! Because I'm not driving! :) I have some cool assignments I'm working on too. So I'm staying hopping! Peace to all!

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