Tuesday, January 10, 2006

lemonade and computers

Four days on lemonade and I'm surprisingly energetic! Maple syrup has a lot of calories, and lemon and cayenne pepper provide the vitamins. It has been great having two friends doing this at the same time to compare notes with. I think that it's not necessarily the lemonade as some super tonic but the act of abstaining from all the junk in our SAD (Standard American Diet) that benefits the body. Preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and even all the healthful foods that can cause subtle allergies in some people that we may not even recognize (gluten/wheat, dairy, etc). So by ridding the body of these for several days, the body can begin to function healthily. I think I will be far more conscious of what goes in my body and I've already started throwing out a lot of things in my fridge that have yukky ingredients. Amy and I have done yoga and went to the steam room at a couple places and it's been great. We are using our complementary 30-minutes free in the Spa as a reward for completing 7 days! It's too bad Daline can't come and join the celebration since she is in Moab!

My computer went on the fritz last night - NOT GOOD! It was in this weird endless loop where Windows would not load, even in Safe Mode. Being the persistent little bugger that I am, I tried it over and over about 15 times and wha-la! Miraculously one time it started in safe mode!! I was able to then go back and select an earlier version of Windows that was operating properly. Now it has installed updates and I'm concerned it will crash again. I keep telling it not to reboot. Lord, have mercy! :) I am meanwhile frantically backing up everything on CD. In fact, I also had bought an External Hard Drive and had JUST backed everything up - but I honestly don't know if it worked, and I've also just learned that you have to pay someone to retrieve all the darn info if you need it! How lame is that? Seems easier just to have backups of the critical docs on CD.


Anonymous said...

please please use this cleanse as a way to start fresh-- dont make the mistake of just eating/drinking the same things once youre done--- you need a whole life's worth of healthy cleansing -- not just a week

love, no hate
but yre still a CHEEEEESYYYYball

twodae said...


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