Monday, January 16, 2006

sisterhood of the lemonheads

Today is Day 10 of the Lemonade Cleanse, and I am truly grateful for my sisters in lemonhead-hood Daline and Amy. On there is a group of people who have done the cleanse who refer to themselves as lemonheads. I thought that was pretty funny. I only meant to go 7 days, but the book by Stanley Burroughs recommends a minimum of 10 so I decided to stick it out. Honestly I only intended to try it for a few days, maybe 3 or 4. I had no idea I would feel this good or stick it out this long. As my son said "I didn't know you could live on lemonade for that long!" LOL.

Well the lemonade has a lot of sugars from the natural maple syrup, vitamins in the form of freshly squeezed lemons and cayenne pepper. You can apparently fast on it for quite some time. I think 10 days is enough for me, and I'm going to start the transition where today I drink some orange juice, then tomorrow I have OJ and homemade vegetable soup. It's been so cool to have two friends to share stories about what's happening to our bodies and our thoughts and to share what we've read about in terms of detox issues and health issues, and to motivate one another to continue in a healthy lifestyle. I'm going to try to do shorter detox cleanses for each organ system - where you have herbal tonics and foods that target a specific organ. First I'm going to get on a normal, albeit healthier, eating plan again!

I put the photo of my rice steamer with all the fresh veggies cut up and the glass jars filled with bulk items and it just looks so vibrant and healthy and yummy (it's on 1/8) and I also put a photo of my candlelit bath on 1/12. I am now in the habit of taking all my showers by candlelight and it's so much more peaceful.

This is something interesting:
You can diagnose some of your ailments using a tongue analysis! Of course you would have to go to an actual naturopathic doctor to get a formal analysis but this site was very interesting. During detox most people develop a white/yellow coating on the tongue that is normally present during illness but occurs during detox because you're clearing out all the built up residues in your body and they leave through every organ system (skin, elimination, and apparently the tongue). Supposedly the coating will clear up and the tongue will turn pink again when the detox is complete but I still have a bit of a coating although it appears to be less than a few days ago. Interesting... It will be interesting to observe as I get back on normal food what happens.

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