Wednesday, February 27, 2008

accidental death & dismemberment

It's been a long day, but a good one. I had lunch with a friend and that was not only an absolutely delish meal but more importantly, great companionship and conversation! And hey, I recruited an Obama supporter!! Yea! I read an article on that said he was now a bit ahead of Clinton nationally in polls, and would beat McCain whereas Clinton might not.

In the afternoon, I went to my kids' track meet and boy it got windy and cold!! We were there until well after dark. Savie was supposed to run in the Relay but one of the girls left early - which is really annoying - and so the whole team had to forfeit. Why the heck would she come out halfway across Houston and then leave before doing their event?! That was Savie's only event, but then I told her she was going to run the 800m whether she wanted to or not! ;) Mean mommee strikes! She wasn't really upset about it, she was just complaining a bit that she was cold, her knee hurt etc but then she ran and did awesome (3:28 time for what is a half-mile - she didn't medal but that's a good time for her) and she was happy she got to run. I knew she would be! We got home late, almost 9pm.

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I'm trying to get caught up on some things, and am getting super stoked about going to Australia in just about a month. I still have not even looked at my wall map of the world to see where the heck the Coral Sea is! OK just did - it's just the name of the Pacific Ocean section off the NE tip of Australia. Here's some of what I know so far: I'll be on a liveaboard ship for about 10 days out at Osprey reef and scientists are tagging white tip reef sharks, grey sharks and tiger sharks, which happen to be the 2nd most dangerous sharks to humans. Richard Fitzpatrick is the main scientist on this project, and you can see a photo of what they'll be doing here at his research website, Shark Research. They have tagged the sharks and will be catching them and gathering information on the sharks. Meanwhile a crew is shooting the Discovery Channel Shark Week 2008 documentary, based on this groundbreaking research. The filming has been going on for a year already but this is the last big shoot. I'll be blogging almost daily from the boat -- not to here but to the Discovery Channel website along with photos by Cat Gennaro.

At the track meet, I was talking to some parents from the kids' school about me diving with sharks and of course everyone is kind of freaked out when I mention this because most people think Oh My Gosh diving with sharks?! Are you crazy?! (as a matter of fact...I am! LOL). I have no fear at all at this moment in time but when I get down there in the water with them, I'll probably pee my pants. At least I'll be in the water. ;) When I was in the Galapagos we were supposed to get to snorkel with sharks at one spot but we couldn't find them that day, and I was disappointed. Anyway, the funniest thing is that one of the moms asked me if I have a good insurance policy (I think she meant life insurance) and I said no but I'll get an accidental death and dismemberment policy for travel, and only when I said it out loud did I get the irony of what I was saying - or realize that there is a real risk of "dis-member-ment"!!! Well my friend Elise told me yesterday that I'd still be damn sexy without a leg.


Janet N said...

Hi! you and I haven't met yet, but I was introduced to your blog through our mutual friend at CTK's site. You hooked me with the Obama posts so I did a little catch up reading and soooooo appreciated the comments on the women's retreat. They are always so renewing. I especially relate to the 'friend' issue. I have always contended that i have many acquaintances but few friends, and consider myself partly to blame. I wait to be invited, instead of inviting. I fear opening up, to encourage that closeness necessary to be a true friend, for fear of being judged. And the older I get the fewer opportunities there are to find common bonds. I will be joining paster and wife here in Italy and look forward to trying to set aside some of my issues on furthering friendships. I will also be in that suburb you call home in April and maybe we'll meet. I'm usually free for lunch, being the retired expat wife kinda gal.

Unknown said...

Hi and thanks so much for your comment and visiting my blog! I see you have one too and I'll take a look more closely soon but I have a whoozy of a day ahead! Yes I'd love to get together for lunch when you're in town but I may be in Australia when you visit... email me at bohemian @ (remove spaces - don't want spam bots to get me) :) And we'll talk more!