Wednesday, February 20, 2008

penis balloons and other funnies

OK this made me laugh, so anything that makes me laugh when the moon is full and my spirit is sapped is a good thing. People Magazine online (yes, I admit I read it) had an article about Ellen DeGeneres interviewing Christina Aguilera:

Aguilera, 27, did not demure when talked turned to her son's Bris. "We are not a very conservative couple," she told DeGeneres. "For decorations we put up penis balloons all over the place. It was really fun, it was really great." A stunned Ellen replied: "Really, they have penis balloons in a shop ... you can just buy them?"

That made me laugh out loud!!! I've been down a bit but today I'm feeling resurgent again. It's a full moon and as a Cancer, I'm ruled by the Moon... I know all the scientists will think I'm nuts and all the Christians think I'm a heretic, but I'm telling you one day scientists will discover a link between the zodiac signs and certain personaity traits! No matter what you say! But I don't read the "prediction" type horoscopes... I just stick to the explanations of personality. I'm tellin ya!

Today I woke to take the kids to school, shot some photos for the school, then went back to bed until 130pm. I love the freelance life! When I'm down, I just feel like sleeping. I love to sleep. I love my all-white comfy bed that is like a big cloud with a down comforter. Mmmmmm. And so you don't think I'm a total slouchy slacker, I do tend to stay up super late at night, writing and slaving away. My friend and I call one another the ghoulie girls because we're both up like vampires in the wee hours of the night!! I can be very prolific in between my ADHD-like checking of CNN, People (my two favorite sites), friends blogs, Myspace, Facebook, Googling my name, and researching and writing articles. Speaking of MySpace, check out my new (public) profile!

Tonight I'm going to crank out a draft of my article on the Gulf Dead Zone. I'll put up some pics of the trip very soon!

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