Friday, February 22, 2008

A day at sea the best kind of day. Finally I've got some of my pictures from my trip out to the Gulf of Mexico with the TX Parks & Wildlife guys a few weeks back. I'm working on this article now. Or that is when I'm not putting my pictures on my blog, etc!
This is my favorite photo from the day. I LOVE these totally awesome groovy Little Squid - aka Brief Squid (Lolliguncula brevis). They have the coolest irridescent eyes and their bodies have chromatophores that change color and darken and expand. I brought a few home and made a makeshift saltwater aquarium but they didn't make it.

TX Parks & Wildlife biologists Greg Lawrence and Kirk Blood sampling water quality in the Gulf of Mexico. This is on the R/V Sabine Lake, a modified shrimp boat they use.

Peace out man! Greg's holding some kind of small fish.

TPWD Captain Robert Martinez holding something... I'm not sure what... but I think it might just be a bighead searobin, the totally awesome fish that 2 of which are now Sam's 2 new fishies in our saltwater aquarium that I made from a lucky mix of Gulf water and sea salt!!! The squid didn't fare so well but these guys have thrived.
A better image of a bighead searobin (Prionotus tribulus), from TPWD. Cool huh? Sam loves them! So do I. They're totally cool. Though they are bottom dwellers, they swim all around so are not "boring" at all.

A new Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminal on the upper Texas coast near the Louisiana-Texas border.
Heading back to shore, and the sun's going down.

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