Friday, March 28, 2008

dontcha love technology?

I spent 2.5 freakin hrs on the phone with tech support for the satellite phone people (which I'll be using to send my live dispatches from Australia) and the tech support guy actually said to me, “I don’t know computers that well.” !!!!!!

Hello! Wtf are you working in tech support then?! Aye yi yi. I talked with his supervisor finally and got the whole darn issue fixed in 5 minutes!! Ugh. I literally haven’t eaten anything but some skittles and a cup of coffee today. Though it was my friend Elise’s super special Starbuck's “iced triple grande cinnamon dolce latte with extra extra caramel Sunday style” so heck that should get me through the day! I'm really not even hungry, but I do still have a zillion things to do before I leave tomorrow. So... I'll post a link to the Discovery Channel blog site before I leave but wanted to just gripe a little :)

I had my "sharky party" last night - basically a bunch of friends hanging out at TGI Fridays restuarant drinking mojitos and eating appetizers and talking and laughing our asses off! I love my friends!!! (here's a pic from my cellie, but I think I look like I have my eyes closed or something so I resemble the creature from the black lagoon or something without eyeballs!) Several more peeps were there but we had a sort of rotating group!

My friend Elise, in front, was my biology student way back when, and she is so cool. She is trying to buy the Astrodome! LOL. Seriously she is trying to turn it into The Astrodome Production Studio -a film studio - and make it "green" in the process. She's from Louisiana where they've made loads of moula bring in Hollywood studios to the back woods. I think it's a great idea and she is such a go-getter! She has the Houston Film Commission behind her and is making great strides. This is an alternative to turning it into a hotel, which is the other option on the County Commissioners' plates. The Houston Chronicle blogged about the film studio project idea a couple weeks ago, Lights Camera Action: Dome Needs a Makeover.

Quinn Fox, Associate for Theology with the Presbyterian Church of the USA (PCUSA) and I at Garden of the Gods. I look like a dorkwad, but oh well. ;) The Epperson family who I visited when I was on my recent trip. They're awesome!

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