Thursday, March 06, 2008

my smart alec kids

I love that my kids are smart alecs, though I can't tell them that.

On occasion, I will have the kids write out lists of things. For example when one of them has said they want to die, or they hate life, or something dramatic like that I make them write a list of 5 things they want to do in their life. A Bucket List so to speak - but I did this way before that movie came out! And when I'm frustrated at them fighting and leaving their crap all over the house I made them write and sign this and it's on the refrigerator:

I commit to do the following:

I will put away what I get out.
Not Talk back to my mother
Not talk sarcastic
I won't complain about chores
Be nice to Sam

Well just the other day, I found this note flipped to the other side, posted on on the refrigerator:

I commit to do the following:

YOU will put away what I get out
I will talk back to my mother
I talk sarcastic
I complain about all my chores
Be nice to Sam

(at least she decided that last one was worth keeping).

This weekend it was gorgeous and we went to the park and had a blast. I'll post some pictures but we swung, played on the teeter totter, hung upside down on the bars. Sam and I did a pairwise scientific experiment to see which of these 3 adjacent slides was fastest based on testing the slide and different people on it. Then we played Monster, running around and tagging one another on this jungle gym thing. THAT was a blast, but man I got exhausted! Then Savannah decided that she was embarrassed and I was acting like a 2-year old. Funny that all the adults were smiling at me, and the kids too, but my own daughter thought I was acting like a kid, and kept saying, "MOM, you are ALMOST 40!" Geez, don't remind me!! That is exactly WHY I need to run around and act like, umm let's say a 7-year old? :)

Well the tornadoes are comin through, so I better shut down the computer... it's spring in Texas!

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Anonymous said...

Deja vu with my kids.